Here’s the thing: I’m pretty bad at taking pictures. I’m awkward. I’m stiff. I find the whole idea that someone–even if I’m paying them–would think to take a photo of me. So my pictures tend to turn out really weird.

Usually, my pictures look a lot like this:

Nick Nolte Mug Shot

Yes, I actually change race and gender when I take photos. That’s how terrible I am at this.

But recently, someone took a picture of me that looked like this:

PJA Avatar Round 2016

This is exactly who I am. This is pretty much what you get if you meet me in person. And how did this miracle happen? Kirsta Schnur Photography.

Krista is a professional. She made me look just like myself. . . only way better. I’m an awkward picture taker. But Krista really broke down my walls and made me feel comfortable. I’d recommend her to ANYONE.

Book her.

Book her now.

You can thank me later.

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