I saw Spider-Man–Homecoming this past weekend and it was a really good time for me, Hubs, and the kids. I’d been looking forward to it since Avengers Civil War used Spider-Man in such a satisfying way. I loved the Tony Stark/Peter Parker scenes and I liked the idea of a kid giving Captain America the business.

The current movie is probably the best Spider-Man movie I’ve ever seen. I’m really excited to have a Spider-Man that isn’t some guy in his thirties pretending to be a teenager. I love the addition of Marisa Tomei as Aunt May because I feel like it makes sense for the bigger picture of the franchise. And Tony Stark is so much more likable as a bit character instead of the main show. His one liners and general cockiness didn’t overwhelm me in the capacity he was used in this movie.

The one thing that didn’t gel for me was Michael Keaton as the villain. I just couldn’t feel the disdain you’re supposed to feel for a comic book hero’s villain. Instead I was waiting for the part where Spider-Man realizes that Keaton’s character has been framed and the new villain steps into the spotlight. But it never came.

Afterwards, I was talking about the movie with my husband and I realized why I would try to sympathized with Michael Keaton in any movie situation–he’s my Batman.

When someone says “my Batman,” it’s not the person they think played Batman best. Keaton’s Batman was servicable but not exactly genre defining. I’m really, really partial to Clooney’s Batman–even though I don’t like the actor himself and I’m not a fan of the suit nipples. It’s more about which actor you think about when you think of essence of Batman. For almost of all of us, it will be the first actor we ever associated with him.

Michael Keaton is the guy who was playing Batman on the big screen when I started caring about Batman. When I talked to my husband about it, he realized that Adam West was his Batman. He’s a bit older than me and he actually watched the TV show religiously as a kid.

A colleague and fellow superhero lover who is about 15 years younger than me told me that Val Kilmer was his Batman. That surprised me. I thought he’d be a Christian Bale guy because of his age. But then again, who am I to judge who your Batman is?

Wait. I take that back. Because as long as there is any breath left in my body, I will not let my kids’ Batman be Ben Affleck. I just want better for them in life.

OK so now it’s your turn. Who’s your Batman?

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