When I started writing The Super Series, the character of Audrey squirted out on the page, fully formed. People always ask me how much of myself is in the character and I tend to say that it’s less of a direct characterization and more of a venn diagram. There are certain things that Audrey says and does that come directly from my own life. But there are other things that are incredible exaggerations of behavior I know very well. It felt like I knew Audrey the minute I started writing.

On the other hand, Penny, the main character of The Super Secret Series books was a little harder to wrap my mind around. It’s been a long time since I was a teenaged girl and all I remember was that I was horrible. All of my memories of myself at the time have me acting like a pain in the ass.

But then as I worked on the development of the series, I realized that Penny and Audrey had a lot in common. They were about the same age emotionally. Audrey’s stunted growth had always been a source of frustration for everyone around her (and at times, me.) Penny, on the other hand, is just experiencing a normal adolescence.

Audrey and Penny also both have challenges with their powers. Penny’s are unreliable and Audrey’s are unimpressive. Again, Penny should grow into hers but Audrey’s powers will allows be what they are. But at least Audrey is very sure of herself and what she can do. She knows her limitations and has accepted her place in the world. Penny is still trying to figure out where that can be.

After I finished Super Secret, I knew that I wanted to put the two series together in a collection. I wanted readers to be able to experience these two in one chronological read.

The Supersized Collection will be out this May. For now, it’s available for preorder on Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

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