I recently read a book where a woman went from writing about 2K words a day to about 10K words a day. My reaction was this:


That’s a lot of fucking words, man! She made some good points in the book that I think will help me write faster for my first drafts. Apparently one of the first steps is to avoid distractions. And that makes sense, considering the amount of distractions lurking just beyond my desk. For some reason, every time I’m supposed to be writing, I end up doing something else.


Something with The Kid

This summer, my husband and I have my three year old niece staying with us this summer. It’s been an amazing learning experience for us. I never really thought about how I would work if I had a kid. Now, I know I wouldn’t work very much because that kid would be a HUGE source of distraction. She’s always falling down. She needs me to change from Nick Jr to Disney Jr. She wants me to watch Doc Mcstuffins with her. She needs to tell me a secret that is never really a secret.

Stalk Facebook

Social media is huge on the distraction list and for me it’s usually Facebook that leaves me wondering where the last few hours have gone. Besides my friends’ interesting lives, I’m also a member of some really interesting womens groups that have me debating, laughing, and commiserating with people all around the world. It’s so interesting that my wordcount usually suffers.

Gossip on Gchat

For my close friends, I often connect via Google Chat. (They call it Hangouts now but it will always been Google Chat or Gchat to me.) It’s reassuring to know that all I have to do to connect to a friend in North Carolina or Colorado is start typing. And now that it has the option to draw little doodles as well as chat, I find myself spending more and more of my time laughing with my friends over the ridiculousness of the day.

Check The Mail

Since my mailbox is at the front of my apartment complex and I live on the back side of the apartment complex, I have the longest walk to the mailbox I’ve ever had. It’s about three minutes. But I have to be suitably dressed. Then I have to find my keys. Then I have to walk over there. Then I have to stop into the rental office for something. And half of the time there isn’t any mail so the whole thing was for no reason at all.

Eat Food I Don’t Really Want

So let’s say I’m having trouble with a character, I have some M&Ms. And then I’m still having trouble with the character because food doesn’t solve your problems. But I try again and have some Swedish Fish. And that doesn’t help. So I eat a sandwich, and some cookies, and a milkshake. And then I’m tired and need to take a nap. And still, no words coming out.

Video Games

My husband and I have three Xbox 360s, two PS3s, a Playstation 4, an Xbox One, and a Wii, along with about four million games that I need to start or want to play again. Just getting dressed every day is a struggle. Any time I write more than 2 words a day is a triumph.

Random Dancing

Sometimes I just dance. It looks a lot like this:


Write Blog Posts About How I Procrastinate Writing My Fiction

That was very meta of me, huh? Back to work I go.

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