The Supersized Collection

Two Super Series in One Place

Audrey Hart is an average young Brooklynite. She has a job she hates, a crappy basement apartment, and 45 cents left on her MetroCard. And she has a secret: She’s a superhero.

Audrey is not a very good Super. She has underwhelming powers. She’s always late. And she never quite grew up. Not only do Supers fight crime, they have alter egos who have to keep jobs, fold laundry, and pay taxes. Between wardrobe malfunctions, performance reviews, and passive aggressive family dinners, Audrey can’t keep up with either of her lives. Can she save the world and save herself at the same time?

Penny Gordon is a typical eighth grader. She has homework. She has an after school job. And she’s got a dream—she wants to be a Superhero.

There’s just one problem: she doesn’t have any Super powers.

Supers don’t just happen; they are trained by the Super Council in a secret school. If Penny can get into that school, she’ll get four years of training on how to be a hero. But if she doesn’t figure out how to save herself, she’ll never save the world.

The Supersized Collection is an omnibus of six standalone works including:


Super Search

Super Duper


Super Model

Super Secret

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