My main character in my Super series–Yes, I’ve decided it’s going to be a series–is Audrey Hart. Audrey is a young, Super who spends a lot of time being late, being broke, and fighting crime. She has a great relationship with her dad, a sense of humor, and a potty mouth.

Which has all led to a lot of questions about whether I wrote myself into a character. Well, let me clear: No.

ashley rose super hero

Audrey definitely lives in a world built on my experiences. I did work at a place in Brooklyn that was very much like Brooklyn Paper. I walked through Cadman Plaza Park every morning. The laundromat where she finds Cinderella was my laundromat. I did see a drag queen do a musical number with a dog in the parking lot there.

If you know me, Audrey will ring a little familiar because I share some of the attitudes she has. But that doesn’t mean it’s about me. I’d like to think I’m a little more multi-faceted than that. I’m never late unless someone forces me to be. I don’t eat cake off of floors. And I don’t have any super powers.

Sorry to disappoint you guys.

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