The Comics Only Get It Half Right

Audrey Hart is an average young Brooklynite. She has a job she hates, a crappy basement apartment, and 45 cents left on her MetroCard. And she has a secret: She’s a superhero.

Not only do Supers fight crime, they have alter egos who have to keep jobs, fold laundry, and pay taxes. Between wardrobe malfunctions, performance reviews, and passive aggressive family dinners, Audrey can’t keep up with either of her lives.

But now Audrey has even bigger problems. Her dead-end job at The Brooklyn Paper Company is in jeopardy. If she doesn’t impress her new boss, she’ll lose her job. Meanwhile, crime is up in her district. And her mother won’t stop asking her when she’s going to do something with her life. Can Audrey find a way to save the day and save herself at the same time?

Super is the first novel in a series about an unconventional superhero trying to live an ordinary life. For more information, visit