Penny Gordon is a typical eighth grader. She has homework. She has an after school job. And she’s got a dream—she wants to be a Superhero.

Supers don’t just happen; they are trained by the Super Council in a secret school. If Penny can get into that school, she’ll get four years of training on how to control her powers, how to work within the Super system, and how to be a hero.

There’s just one problem. Penny doesn’t have a Super power.

When an administrative error pairs Penny with Audrey Hart, a real working Super, things may be looking up. Audrey may not want to be a role model but Penny won’t take no for an answer. All Penny has to do now is convince the laziest Super in New York to help her find a way into a new life.

Super Model, the first installment in the Super Secret series is a short novella. Although not a full novel, it’s just long enough to get you through a couple of lunch breaks or a few short bursts of procrastination. For more unconventional hero stories, go to