A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to attend an event at the Writing Barn. I recently moved to Austin, TX from Queens, NY with my husband, our three year old niece, and our 13 year old Shih Tzu in tow. Between the changing cities and the changing dynamics of our household, I was having a harder time making connections here than I have in the past.

I told my friend Natalia about it and she suggested that I join a writers group on Facebook called the Austin Binderettes. Immediately after I joined, there was a post about a meetup for the ladies. I clicked “Yes” and a week later I found myself at the Writing Barn.

And then I had a Pinterest-gasm, which is what happens when you see so much cool stuff you can’t take it and you mentally pin them to the Pinterest board in your mind.

The Writing Barn

The Writing Barn is a writers retreat set on a former horse farm. Writers take classes, have meetups, and just get some time to focus on writing. Their most recent addition is the Book House. Tree Sconce10622867_737318762973418_6006504960517139683_n10436676_737328859639075_5179554181816848136_n

There were deer. Yes, deer. I know I’m in Texas but I just got here. And there were deer.

Old Books for New Teachers was taking donations. The organization helps new teachers buy books for their classrooms. I learned a few of these facts from the presentation:
New Books for Old Teachers

There were handmade hair pins made out of dictionary pages as party favors. My hair has never been so well read.

Natalia’s car got stuck and I helped lift it up. There was no picture available for that one.*
no image available written on a chalkboard

I got to meet and chat with a whole room of local women writers who inspired me to do more and write more.

For more information about The Writing Barn, check out their website or contact owner/operator Bethany Hegedus.

*Ok, there was a picture available of Amy and I lifting the car, but I looked fat in it so I left it out.

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