Hubs and I were driving somewhere and chatting about our current dog and the many dogs we’ve had or know in our life. Eventually got back to good ole Scrappy.

Scrappy was a pit bull mix that we acquired when we moved out of our first place together. Our friends had had him for about 8 months but couldn’t keep him. We’d spent a lot of time with him and decided we’d take him. We were moving to the hood, anyway. We figured having a dog in the house might make people a little less likely to break into our place. We had him for about a year or so before we moved into an apartment that wouldn’t let us keep him. So, he went back to the friends who originally had him because they had moved back to the south and gotten a house.

Not Scrappy

Basically, we had a temporary dog for about a year. And Hubs still misses him.

HIM: He was such a good dog.

ME: I guess. I mean he did eat every pair of shoes I owned at the time. I remember once I bought a pair of shoes at the store and wore them home. When I walked into the house, I took them all and went to the bathroom. By the time I had gotten out of the bathroom he had ripped the shoes to shreds.

HIM: [Shrugs like he’s thinking So fucking what?]He always did his business outside.

ME: Except when he didn’t. And then we had to clean it up.

HIM: He was an excellent watchdog. He protected our house.

ME: Yeah, he would chase the pizza man away and peep out the window when the neighbors were shooting. I for one felt protected. Super protected, even. [Pause] Listen, I loved Scrappy, too, but I think you’re remembering this a little differently than it actually was. Remember when he ripped out the cable connection to our house from the outside because I left him the yard?

HIM: Yeah. He knew you were procrastinating on the Internet so he fixed that. He was smart. And well trained, too. He knew his name. He was cute when he paHe never bit anyone.

ME: He bit me the first night we had him. Remember?

HIM: Ok. Fine. He never bit anyone important.

Photo Credit: dickuhne

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