Super Vised CoverThe last book in the Super series is finally here:

Audrey Hart has been a Super all of her life. Even with her underwhelming powers, incessant procrastination, and neverending laziness, she has somehow managed to hold onto her Super license all of these years. But after her latest brush with authority, the Council has assigned her supervised probation under the highest ranking Super in her district, Nathaniel Kane.

Audrey has never worked with another Super before. Between Nathaniel’s 107-point action plan and his ambitious vision for their district, Audrey doesn’t know whether she’s coming or going. And if he doesn’t like her progress, she skips from supervised probation to permanent punishment. Can Audrey save her district and save herself at the same time?

Supervised covers what happens during Audrey’s probation. It introduces a couple of new characters, one of which is going to get her own series this summer.

Here are the links to get it:

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