I’m currently working on Super, which follows a young woman living in NYC with a secret identity and a lot of drama.

I’ve always had a thing for super heroes. I love people who put on a cape and say “Not on my watch, buddy!” But I’ve also always thought that superheroes must have a hard time fitting in. Even if there is an alter ego, she is probably late all of the time because there are constant distractions. She likely breaks stuff or gets hurt unexpectedly and everyone wonders what happens to her. A superhero is probably the worst employee in the world. She never finishes her TPS reports because she’s gotta fly off to save the world. And of course, she has nothing to say for herself when she gets back.


The more I thought about this, the more I was sure that I needed to write about a superhero may save the world one step at a time but she wasn’t so good at saving herself. And voila! That’s how we got Audrey Hart, the main character of Super. Hopefully her adventures will be in stores by the end of the year and you guys can tell me what you think about her.

I often answer reader questions here on my blog. If you have a question, just shoot me an email and maybe I’ll choose yours next time.

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