“Princess is such an interesting name. Where did you get it?”

"crown" by jason train

My parents. Although I am sometimes known by other names–PJ, P.S. Jones, etc–my legal name is Princess.

To make a long, sad story short, my dad’s mother died when he was young and he named me after her. It’s an unusual name that I have both loved and hated with equal intensity throughout my life. When it was difficult, it was because I’m not a princess-y kind of person and it’s hard to be called a title that you feel is quite the opposite of who you are. It got easy when I realized that although I may not be the one you expected, I am most definitely my own special kind of princess.

Fun fact: I can tell when people don’t think my name is really Princess–that either they’ve misheard, that they have misunderstood, or that I am lying–when they call me immediately call me Miss Jones even in casual settings.

Every so often, I answer a burning question here on my blog. If you have a question, just shoot me an email and maybe I’ll choose yours next time.

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