Ok so I guess this is one of those spoilers that the Internet is always so worried about. So if you haven’t read Red, stop here and go read it.

Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Are you back? Ok here’s the answer:

So why can’t Red read? When she was younger it was obvious that her talents were in riding, hunting, and trapping. Her parents didn’t have any other plans for her future. And, also it probably had a little to do with Red reminding them about unpleasantness and messiness in their pasts. So it was easier to just send little Roui out into the woods and get her out of sight and out of mind.

Some Books

Red is obviously a badass. That was the first thing I wrote on her character development sheet. But what’s interesting is why she’s a badass. Survival has always been her main motivation. She’s not the type to go take some reading lessons when it’s not something that will get her through the night if she needs food and shelter. Even when Red is not fighting for the basic necessities for survival, she cares more about the bounty hunting that will put money in her pocket than she does about reading a good book.

Will, Red’s business partner with benefits, provides many services in her life. One of them is that he is far more educated than she is. He has received formal education at some point in his life. He’s the brains behind this operation and Red is the muscle. How they found each other and how they realized they’d be perfect partners is something I think of often. I’m considering exploring it as a short story for my newsletter subscribers.

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Photo Credit: Some Books by Ben O’Bryan

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